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Dave Lamm

THE LAMM FARM is a composite of our lives. Just like a small family farm, we are combining a variety of activities and endeavors to produce a life style. We incorporate Family, “The Farm”', “off the farm” jobs, and photography to form The Lamm Farm. We actually operate from a 12 acre, oak studded, farm, featuring one half acre of Lavender. Some family members live on the farm, while others live “in town”. With the farm at the center or our endeavor, we branch out into many other interests and jobs. Photography is an integral part of this enterprise, allowing us to display our family, our farm and our contacts with the world.
The LAMM FARM PHOTOS site is our visual link to aspects of the farm. The site features images representative of our activities, whether they be directly tied to the farm or to our exposure to a broader world. Farm, Landscape, People and of course Family all find their way to the LAMM FARM PHOTOS galleries.
DRL CONCEPTS is one of the branches of The Lamm Farm. Our Retail Commercial Real Estate consulting business has expanded its umbrella to include Real Estate Photography. The real estate images are principally directed at images used for marketing or location acquisition activities. Real Estate images are included in the LAMM FARM PHOTOS as a way of conveying projects to clients, and to share a part of our enterprise with family and friends.
In case you are interested many of the images shown on this site are available for purchase. If you see something you like click on the shopping cart and view the many sizes and selections available. If you have questions or special needs please click on Contact Me and send us a note. We would love to be able to fulfill your image requirements.
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